Saturday, February 20, 2016

Joyful January

*blowing off the dust off the Mac*

Hello friends,

Happy New's still ok to say that right…even though it's February?

It certainly has been a while life has been super busy over the past couple of months, since Noah arrived I have resumed the chemotherapy and I've been enjoying maternity leave (as much as I can!) with my family, friends and my boys :-)

Isaac loves cuddling his little brother :) 

January was truly a good month for me, despite the last two rounds of EC chemo..bleugh. The side effects were much better than the chemo I had when I was pregnant, I was a bit apprehensive with the last two cycles of chemo, I wasn't sure how it would affect me but luckily I have been fine!

You're probably wondering why January was a good month for me. Before Noah was born, I was approached by Press Association to share my story, and just a few days into 2016, it was published online by the Daily Mirror. I didn't even know it had been published, picture it, here I am walking around ASDA with my mum picking up broccoli and I'm getting a call saying congratulations on the article…

You what???

Anyhoo, it was a crazy 10 mins because it turns out I was talking to the lovely people at ITV asking if I wanted to be featured on London Tonight (local 6pm news) to be gobsmacked was an understatement, I said yes immediately, I didn't hesitate as I wanted to share my story, it important for people to know that this can happen to anyone, I am hoping that anyone who watched will have made that phone call to the doctor and not to wait.

You can see both news pieces below:

The response following both pieces have been absolutely overwhelming and truly humbling, I had messages of support pouring in from friends, family and even perfect strangers who saw the news pieces via Facebook asking if they can donate towards the funding I need for additional treatment that isn't available to me yet on the NHS, I mentioned this in a previous post.

The blessings continued when I received a call from the managing director who owns the company where I work. An amazing intelligent woman and fellow breast cancer fighter, who's announcement of her own diagnosis prompted me to visit the doctor's in the first place, has offered to pay for the treatment I need to be fight this sucker! She rang me whilst I was driving and the tears where flowing so much that I needed to pull over! I honestly feel blessed with the positivity that is surrounding my life at the moment, this cancer isn't getting me down whatsoever!

Here's to a fantastic 2016!

Thanks for stopping by.

C x

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