Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Any Excuse

Before I had my son and I was still working as a Project Manager, I had grand plans for my maternity leave with a list of things to do with my free time, some reasonable (clear out my clothes, wash the car) and some a little out there (write a book, take up painting, campaign for world peace!) What I didn't realise, or expect was that my days now are filled with copious amounts of laundry, nappies and making sure my little man has eaten enough, there are days where I am still in my PJs at 5pm!

So being a lover of fashion, anytime I get to leave the house, I use it as an excuse to make an effort, whether I am quickly popping to ASDA for some milk or a trip to the post office and today was one of those days. 

I picked up this chiffon pleated skirt from H&M recently, I also have a similar one from ASOS Curve but will be selling it as it is too big (details coming soon). 

It's a fairly simple outfit but with the addition of this fab necklace from Zara and sandals from New Look, it gives the whole outfit a pop! 

How amazing is this necklace! 


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